Cash Loans: Bad Credit Loans

Cash loans for anyone with a bad credit rating. Better Money Advice on cash loans for those with a bad credit history.
In this article:
  • How do Bad Credit Loans work?
  • Cash Loan providers reviewed.
  • Find the right loan for your circumstances.

Cash loans for those with a bad credit history are often difficult to come by as rightly or wrongly anyone with a bad credit rating is perceived as a debt risk to lenders.

Cash Loans: Bad Credit Loans

But there are a number of loan companies offering cheap loans to those with a bad credit history. Logbook Loans is one of the companies that offer loans to those with a bad credit history.

Bad Credit Loans – Logbook Loans – The Key Features of the Cash Loan:

Some of the features Logbook Loans offers anyone wanting a cash loan include:

  • No personal credit checks
  • Loans for any purpose
  • Apply instantly online
  • Your money in 24 hours
  • Attractive early settlement options

If you have been refused credit by other loan providers, be it for a secured loan or a non-secured loan, then cash loans like the ones offered by NHH could be good for you.

Cash Loans: Logbook Loans – Benefits

Cash loans can be good for anyone with a poor credit history and where Logbook Loans are beneficial over say Payday Loans is that they let you borrow a lot more cash – up to £50,000.

Cash Loans: Logbook Loans – How they Work

If you own a car then you can qualify for a cash loan. Simply fill in the Loan Application form and they will guide you through your options to see how much money you can borrow. L

Loan Rates – How much will my Cash Loan Cost?

Loans for those with bad credit are often expensive. The Logbook Loans website states that you can borrow £1,500 and pay back £53.60 over 78 weeks. If you opted to do this you would pay back £4,180.80 in total with a Typical APR of 437.4%.
Debt Advice: If you can afford to pay back your cash loan as early as possible as you can make major savings if you choose to repay your loan early.